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With the help of FPV racing drones

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Comprehensive sense of space

Unique perspective

Stabilized video recording

Precise control with VR goggles

Indoor & Outdoor

Sowie Indoor & Outdoor

Sowie Indoor & Outdoor

Sowie Indoor & Outdoor

Sowie Indoor & Outdoor

Sowie Indoor & Outdoor

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The dream of flying...

State-of-the-art drone technology allows filmmakers like me to go beyond the limits of "normal" camera work. I use so-called FPV (First-Person-View) drones to create creative angles.

These create a comprehensive sense of space that gives the viewer a unique perspective.

In times of social media and an ever decreasing attention span, FPV shots arouse interest and always keep the excitement high.

The control with the help of virtual reality goggles make it possible to react quickly even in tight spaces and to maneuver the drone precisely and safely.

...becomes reality.

The right shot for any requirement

All in one flight.

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I use one-shots to tell short creative stories that engage the viewer.


Combination of aerial and detail shots.

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I use combi-shots to provide a comprehensive sense of space and the beauty of the surroundings, while also highlighting details.